The Redeemed are the Esteemed of God


Andrew Wong

Text: I Peter 1:17-19

#5 in I Peter Series

Because of Christ’s blood, the redeemed of God are also the esteemed of God.
When Christ’s precious blood was shed for us, we were given value and worth. No longer are we to view or treat ourselves cheaply and no longer are we to live our lives aimlessly.When Christ’s precious blood was shed for us, we were given a new bloodline. We were adopted into a new relationship with God as our Father. As His children we should desire to become like Him in holiness, and live for Him in obedience and reverence.
In short, since Christ’s precious blood was shed for us and He has been raised to glory, our faith and hope are in God.  In this final message in 1 Peter, the desire remains that your peace and grace would be multiplied to you as you cast you hope and faith upon the bloody riches of God’s grace as contained in the good news of the Gospel.1 Peter 1:17-19

The Finish Line of Faith


Andrew Wong

Text: I Peter 1:3-9

#2 in I Peter Series

This week Andrew Wong will continue in the book of 1 Peter. The Apostle Peter writes so that, we would have a clearer vision and appreciation for the salvation towards those foreknown by the Father, ransomed by Christ, and strengthened by the Spirit. But now what Peter would have us see are things that are, as of yet, unseeable. Our current trials are apparent. Our treasures in heaven are transparent. And in between God’s glory can be invisible to us. So, the hope of this week’s sermon is that we would grow in our faith, because “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That as the mercies of God towards us through Christ are revealed, we would open our eyes to see our treasure, our security, and our praise in the abundant riches of God’s mercy. 1 Peter 1:3-9

Grace & Peace of Elect Exiles


Andrew Wong

Text: I Peter 1:1-3

#1 in I Peter Series

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The book of I Peter preaches what the Gospel alone can produce in a human soul: a life-giving and life-transforming hope. A “living hope” so alive that life circumstances – and even death itself – cannot kill it. The beacon of our eternal hope shines before us, and its light not only guides our way, but also challenges us in the way we see ourselves, how we view the world, and in how we live our lives at every level of human interaction on this side of eternity.
Before we dive in, we’ll set the context for the rest of the book by looking at the “envelope” of Peter’s letter. We will also look at how each member of the Trinity works together for our salvation, with the hope that our grace and peace would be multiplied to us. We conclude with practically applying this salvation – and the hope that it produces – to our lives.  I Peter 1:1-3