“Heaven” – November 13th

Wednesday, November 13th – 6:30pm

 We will continue our study of “The Doctrine of Last Things.”  Our focus will be on Heaven.

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For In You, O Lord, I Hope



Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 38

Psalm Series

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When the righteous disobey God’s Word, their sin causes them a great deal of distress. But God is faithful to work in His people to bring them to repentance. Psalm 38


An Election Day Sermon

How Precious is Your Loving-Kindness, Oh God! -verse 7


Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 36

Psalm Series


Psalm 36

Let the Lord Be Magnified



Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 35

Psalm Series

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In Psalm 35, we read that David was pursued by those who wanted to kill him. David suffered for being a righteous man. David wrote this psalm as a plea to the Lord for help. Psalm 35

The Fear of the Lord

“Come, you children, listen to me; 

I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” -Psalm 34:11


Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 34

Psalm Series

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In Psalm 34 David lays out what the heart of a godly man should look like: the righteous man is humble and he fears the Lord. Psalm 34, I Samuel 21:10-15

Psalm 33


Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 33

Psalm Series

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It is good for us to praise and worship our God – it is our duty to do so.   In fact, Psalm 33 tells us that the righteous are to rejoice in the Lord.  We also see from this psalm that God, and God alone, is to be the focus of our worship.

Blessed is He Whose Transgression is Forgiven


Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 32

Psalm Series

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Even though David was a sinner, he was a man after God’s own heart. David therefore confessed his sins before God and he was forgiven. And with forgiveness, David tells us in the Psalms, there is great joy!

The Lord Preserves the Faithful


Jim Zes

Text: Psalm 31

Psalm Series

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When David wrote PSALM 31 he was in deep distress. In spite of all his troubles, David continued to love and trust the Lord and His goodness, crying out to God for His mercy and deliverance. In preparation for worship this Lord’s Day, April 8, please read Psalm 31.

Christian Love


Jim Zes

Text: I John 3:10-24

I John Series

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